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Holistic ways to Balancing Your SPIRITUAL Body’s Wellness

May 25, 2021

The 4th and final body that we will undress is your Spiritual Body.

Spiritual Body / SOUL 

Spiritual Body’s Energy: Feminine

What it is:

This one took me SO long to figure out. I was raised in a conservative Christian home and then… I grew up.

As I entered adulthood I didn’t know what to do with my beliefs. I was raised with a hard and fast “1 WAY” without much flexibility.

Let alone INTEGRATION of new beliefs that were more expansive & inclusive (over-exclusive).

I see the Spiritual Body as the connection to ALL THINGS. And it’s DEF the most important Body. Because it FEEDS the other 3.

This Body is your Intuition. 

Or it’s GUS: G.od/Goddess, U.niverse, S.ource. Or however that looks for you. Mother Earth, Father Moon. It’s GOD. It’s GOD in you, your HIGHEST and most DIVINE SELF. If you’re not sure what your beliefs are – NO PROBLEM. This is where you can really start to incorporate NEW beliefs that are more expansive than your childhood conditioning.

This body provides protection, connection, guidance and support from an outside source. As well as from those who have passed on. Your angels, ancestors, and guides. What if you KNEW you had a WHOLE team behind you? 

Well… You do!

Some define this body through their religion – I have found it’s more of the idea that we are all connected, divinely, to one common source. Regardless of your age, race, gender, body size, ability, or creed.  You have access to something SO MUCH BIGGER. SO MUCH JUICIER. SO MUCH WISER, than you alone ‘lil darling.

So remember. 


What it represents:

The intimate connection that exists between all living things, including the union between our soul, your experience, and your PURPOSE. 

It’s going to Church – 


Behaviors when the Spiritual body is balanced: 

  • Calm
  • HOPEful and more fearless
  • highly creative & Collaborative 
  • Operating in FLOW without limits
  • Gratitude Cultivation & Giving Acknowledgement your guidance and protection 

Your juicy soul? 

Supports the INTEGRATION of your other 3 bodies.

How the Underbalanced Spiritual Body Displays Misalignments: 

  • General disconnection from yourself, your life, your purpose
  • You’re a victim in your own life 
  • You think things are happening to you, versus you co-creating
  • You feel consistently left out, overlooked, or unheard
  • You feel expectant of other people’s time and energy 
    • While you disconnected from adding high value yourself
  • HEAVY focus on DOING a lot, controlling, grasping at relationships
  • HEAVY focus on perceived image over authentic connection
    • Heart-Centered Communication & Connection

How the Overbalanced Spiritual Body Displays Misalignments:  

  • Constant head in the clouds AND an inability to turn ideas into reality
  • Misalignment between action and behavior (reality)
  • Narcissism, and a lack of connection to interpersonal relationships 
  • Overall AVOIDANCE and a sense of entitlement

How to ALIGN & BALANCE to Spiritual Body: 

  • Press Pause CONSISTENTLY 
  • Meditation, meditation, meditation
  • Breath work
  • Practicing COMPASSION – seeing others as you see (or wish to see) yourself
  • Cultivating GRATITUDE – just live it! Think it. Breath it. 
    • Let Gratitude be your prayer and your WHOLE LIFE will change. 
  • Recognizing that you are not alone, that there is a plan for you and your life, and that you cannot mess this up!

I want you to remember that YOU hold the key to your consistent joy.

STORY (example) from the Coaches Office:

My specialty, gift, and magik? 

Is integration. 

I help people make sense of their all. their. bodies.
How to understand & make sense of their emotional and spiritual worlds.

I not only teach YOU to have the knowledge yourself. 

But I teach you to do “the work” for yourself.

Once you can understand, you can integrate. 

Marrying your Being & Desiring with the Thinking & Doing.

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