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(CURE) Balancing Burnout = The Integration of your MASCULINE + FEMININE Energies

April 5, 2021

**The information below is not a medical cure. Better yet – a spiritual cure for better understanding burnout, and the WHY behind it. This is the ROOT of burnout.**

What some call BURNOUT,
My experience & research calls
“Chronically Unregulated Nervous System due to Extreme Life or SELF Pressure.”
AKA – lack of deep meaningful life pause & pleasure.

My experience of Burnout – turned out to be my Dark Night of the Soul – more here.

Cure for Understanding and Balancing Burnout, Balancing Corporate Burnout and Prevention  |

Burnout is defined as a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.

What’s crazy to me, someone who was diagnosed with Burnout only a couple of years ago…..
Is the above definition does not give acknowledgment to our MOST important body, our Spiritual body?

Cure for Understanding and Balancing Burnout, Balancing Corporate Burnout and Prevention  |

The relished (and often forgotten) piece that drives life into our WHOLE BEING.

I want to break something down for you.
To make WHOLE BEING more simple.

We all have 2 energy forces within us.

  1. Masculine / Shaki / Yang
  2. Feminine / Shiva / Yin
Masculine and Feminine Energy, Balance Integration |

These energies are present in everyone, regardless of your gender or pronoun, in various combinations.

Each of us is 100% unique in our energetic wiring.

To go a step further – each of these ENERGIES supports various BODIES.

The Masculine Energy Support

  1. Our Mental Body
  2. Our Physical Body

The Feminine Energy Support

  1. Our Spiritual Body
  2. Our Emotional Body

In our Western culture – our Masculine Bodies are overdeveloped while our Feminine Bodies are given less opportunity for development and therefore…… integration.
…… an interesting theme played out in so many areas of our world (that Masculine>Feminine).

Bringing it back to BURNOUT.

It’s simple math…

Focusing TOO MUCH on one energy?
Mean the other energy doesn’t get focus
& so WE don’t get the balance that we crave.

Over the past 2 years of working with MYSELF and working with clients individually, in groups, and with teams at organizations – I have noticed one huge theme.

People want to INTEGRATE their energies
and start to BALANCE the care for (divert focus) to ALL 4 of their bodies.
People are recognizing that they are not JUST their work.
They are craving EXPERIENCES that 1 energy alone, cannot provide.

People come to me overwhelmed, overloaded, tired, BURNOUT.
They lack spark, life, vitality, excitement, JOY.

My genius clients come to me because they want to feel better in their lives.
They have gotten to a point where life has taken them over and they aren’t even sure what they are building anymore.

There is a disconnect. Disassociated from their lives.

So we do some Soul Aligning.

Soul Alignment Blueprint, Energy Assessments | Joy with Jax,

I work with people who have overdeveloped their Masculine
and their “Feminine” Bodies crave support.

Through working with the Energy of Emotions & the Spiritual Body
My clients start to integrate their four bodies.

The result?
Emotional Regulation & Freedom
Beautiful Boundaries
Clearer Communication

What are the Feelings they alchemize through our work?
Peace & JOY.

Are you Interested in some Soul Aligning?

I have an opportunity to form your energetic Blueprint!
Let’s connect.

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Ready to Discover more about your energy?

More on balancing your ENERGETIC BODIES in upcoming posts.

Finding the Balance between Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy | Joy with Jax |