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How to create BALANCE? Is through Understanding Your 4 Bodies

April 20, 2021

You have more than 1 body! 

In fact, within the next couple of weeks I will teach you about 4 of your bodies and why:

  • Each is VITAL to your success
  • Each supports you in SELF REGULATION & minimizing stress.
  • Integrating these bodies EMPOWERS you in your own experience
    • BYE VICTIMHOOD (and Karen)


By understanding your four bodies you can identify what balances are misaligned and then, Balance your life. 

Take it from me! 

I WISH I had insight into this powerful information YEARS ago. 

This framework has since provided me with the proper insight to uplevel my life and supported my ability to create more EASE (less pushing & less stress), 

PURPOSE (knowing my WHY), 

and PLEASURE (Joy, Play, and less RESISTANCE) 

in my own life.

AND the lives of my clients.  

More on my story here

Last week’s blog introduced you to the 2 primary energy’s (Masc, Fem) and the importance of integrating these energies for balance. 

In the upcoming weeks, we take it further… undressing & getting intimate with your WHOLE BEING.

Assessing 1st your Masculine Bodies.

  1. Our Mental Body
  2. Our Physical Body

Then, Addressing your feminine Bodies. 

  1. Our Spiritual Body
  2. Our Emotional Body

For each body we will address:

  • What each body represents
  • Behaviors when the each Body is balanced
    • How the Underbalanced & Overbalanced Body’s Displays Misalignments
  • How to ALIGN & BALANCE each Body

I work with Men & Women who have overdeveloped their Masculine (Mind’s & Bodies)
and their “Feminine” Bodies crave support.

Through working with the “Feminine” – Energy of Emotions & the Spiritual Body –
My clients start to integrate their four bodies.

The result?
Emotional Regulation & Freedom
Beautiful Boundaries
Clear & Honest Communication


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