I'm Jacqueline... aka Jax

I'm a Yale Certified Soulful Alignment Coach. I guide High Achieving, Depleted Corporate Professionals to discover a more 🧿 SOULY Connected, Authentically Aligned life. They ditch the burnout for Balance, Ease & JOY. (We activate YOUR whole being)

My personal journey of “making it” to the top of my career in the beauty industry + being clinically burnt out = led me to my true “Eat Pray Love” spiritual + internal quest to rediscover who TF I was without all the external achievements, roles, + relationships I had defined myself by.

Once I dove in? I literally transformed from the inside-out.

Hi gorgeous,

My journey led me to transition from a career in Corporate Global Beauty Education to become a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) + an Energy Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) + a Reiki Practitioner + with a Science of Wellbeing Certification from Yale.

Now, I supports my clients with the INTEGRATION of both "corporate strategy" & "spiritual ritual" for balance & synergy within their lives. 
I help highly strategic people to integrate the parts of them they've been forced to leave behind.
When we integrate those parts - we re-embody & EMPOWER YOU.

let's make magic

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Accessing the Garden:

2018 I felt like I had made it. I'd relocated from sunny Los Angeles to live in my new swanky apartment with a beautiful view of San Francisco. I landed the job of “my dreams.” I traveled often and I was in a "committed" long-term relationship.

At the time, it felt like an expansive dream. 

 I had more than I had ever envisioned or even imagined for my life. But deep inside, something was drastically off. I felt like I wanted and needed more, but as many women do, I buried it deep and refused to acknowledge it. A result of: A rigid conservative religious upbringing. Learned Chronic people pleasing. Perfectionism. Low Self Worth. 


Because as a woman - how dare I ask for more.  How dare I desire more than what I had already created? Shouldn’t I just be grateful?  The feeling became so big I could no longer ignore it as it started to permeate through the soil of my life. 

I questioned my relationship, 
my job was no longer brag-worthy.

I started to understand that my anxiety and exhaustion spoke SO much louder than my “accolades,”  the San Francisco view was nice - but it didn’t keep me warm at night. Everything I was filling my life with was just external NOISE. It was not the internal substance, alignment, growth, or nourishment that I was desiring.  I realized the “more” that I wanted was not tangible with the life that I had built. 

That is when my journey to JOY started.

Within a couple months I made some major moves.

I wanted to feel, 
I wanted growth & support,
I wanted to feel fulfilled in my relationships.
I wanted to KNOW my work mattered. 
I realized I was on a path of SELF ABANDONMENT and therefore self destruction.

The Breakup & Resignation:

After years of living in the same pattern, I was empowered (& devastated) to end it. When my burnout became inescapable (& diagnosed) - I was forced to take stock of the layers of anxiety, stress, & exhaustion that my body, mind and spirit had been showing for months. I realized that the “dream” of my job wasn’t much outside of title on my LinkedIn profile. I resigned when I understood I had built a 17+ career of focusing on the OUTSIDE appearance of title, pomp, beauty, luxury. And I was ready for something much more meaningful. I wanted more DEPTH. Inner BEAUTY.

The Spiritual Awakening:

Bali - I was drawn like a magnet and forever changed by the juxtaposition of gratitude & peace I experienced there. I was deeply reminded of the wonder and joy available to us at every moment through the energy & eyes of the people in this place. The ability to travel to sacred lands and be taught by Indigenous people, is a privilege I am honored to have access to. 

Garden Visioning & Seed Planting:

“Who am I without all of the external achievements, roles, + relationships I have defined myself by for so long?” 
Coming from a place of complete burnout my first priority was my health. 
My daily question became - how do I serve me? (a radical concept for a people pleaser)

I was determined to not have to redo the pain of my past experiences. 
I dove head first into understanding my WHY.
Why I was choosing partners, jobs, bosses, etc that were not aligned with My values. 
For well over a year dove full time into understanding the spirituality and psychology that supports the creation, cultivation, and maintenance of healthy intimate relationships. I went back to school to gain the accreditation and tools of understanding emotion (which is energy in motion) & mindset in creating a life with relationships full of purpose and joy. 

Daily Yoga. 
Walking my dog. 
Intuitive Eating. 
Healing Herbs :)
Feeling (and JOURNALING) lots of Emotions. - the hardest part. 
Connecting with my tribe.
Caring for myself. 
Cross Country Roadtrips allowing me to expand and explore. 
& so. much. RE-Education on what it means to live a human experience.

The Harvest:

Everything in my life started to change, because I started to change.
The time I devoted to my introspection gave me healing, growth, and clarity where I was able to discover my wholeness, my spirituality, my values, my gifts and therefore develop my purpose - which is to support, coach, & guide other women who are craving lives filled with MORE soulful alignment. 

My life is an example of the POWER of our own intentionality. 
It’s a gift that I am so honored and privileged to share with you. 

I’m so grateful you’ve made your way here, and I’d bet that you can relate to my story in some way, too. I want you to know you’re in the right place, you’re not alone, I get life, and I’m ready to serve & support you on your journey.

Let’s juice this joy!
Pluck the fruit when it’s ripe for juicing! 

Jacqueline is a breath of fresh air! Working with her has been so good for my soul and spirit. I've recently made some life and job transitions and am currently in the process of launching my own business. Fears, insecurities, doubt about past choices I've made....all of these emotions are rearing their ugly little heads, sometimes making it difficult to keep moving forward. Jacqueline has a gentle way of encouraging me to really pause and think about my thoughts and the way I've interpreted past situations - helping me to differentiate between the stories my mind has created and what the actual, capital "T" Truths are. She asks probing questions in such a compassionate way that I find myself with many "ahas!" throughout our calls and am reminded of the power of staying true to my path. I always end our sessions with a greater sense of peace.  Jacqueline truly understands the mind, body, soul connection and actually walks the talk - she coaches with great integrity, compassion and authenticity. I continue to discover new ways of perceiving things every time we talk, and am so grateful for the supportive coaching and love I've received from her!

Jacqueline hears me in a way I have never experienced - regardless the context of our conversation - I walk away with a sense of peace and empowerment. She is powerful. 

BACKGROUND: LA Entertainment SVP to Entrepreneur 

During our sessions I had the freedom to take what had been pressured inside of me (work, family, personal) - and make sense of it. I’ve had several coaches before - yet with Jacqueline something allowed me to go deeper to unravel some stories I’ve been carrying for decades. The way she navigated conversations propelled me into clarity and have helped me step back into my life and my work with more spark and passion.  I’m not sure what kind of magic she’s working with - but her ability to get me out of my brain and into my heart has truly inspired me to live more presently and more fully.  If you want to feel seen, heard, understood, supported, and inspired to shift - work with Jacqueline. 

Working with Jacqueline was a joy. As a busy woman who has always prioritized my career, I found myself looking forward to my weekly calls and recognize they were one of my most important hours of the week where I would always walk away with more clarity, ease, and confidence.

BACKGROUND: Global VP / San Fransisco  

I worked with Jacqueline for a transformational 12 sessions. When we started, I had recently quit a dead-end job and made a decision to take time off to get clear on my core values, my purpose, and what I wanted for the next stage of my career. Jacqueline listened skillfully and asked provocative questions that guided me to my own true answers. She was compassionate while also being tough in just the way I needed a coach to be in order to move myself forward toward real meaning in my life and career. After working with Jacqueline, I landed the job of my dreams. In fact I was for the first time I was in a position where I chose between 2 roles and name my value. The deep work I did with her set me up to seek and then land a big win, and it empowered me to step into leadership in a way that is far beyond what I had thought myself to be capable of.  

She also has a great sense of humor and inspiring joie de vivre:-) Hire her.

Working with her was a wonderful experience. Her kind heart, sharp mind and open spirit were exactly what I needed in a coach.

BACKGROUND: Ivy League Educated / Baby Boomer

That shift of frequency when she walks in the room, secret. That was what I was after. That was the type of woman I wanted to be. When I reached out to Jacqueline, I was heartbroken, straight out of a failed relationship, struggling in my career, uneasy in my own skin and sitting in my own shit, feeling sorry for myself. Why me? I wrote Jacqueline from a place of desperation and was willing to do whatever she asked me to do. I won’t lie to you. Weeding through one’s own crap is hard. Doing the steps is hard. Doing the work is hard. But, the woman I am today, is so utterly grateful.  Jacqueline created the space to put my needs first. She gave me the ability to realize that I could also put myself first, which is helping me become the woman I want to be. She gave me life-altering tools and helps me break down situations to respond in a manner that is aligned with my true self. She is my cheerleader, my coach and a huge influence in my life. She believed in me, when I could barely make it through my day. I am forever grateful. 

Jacqueline is a lifesaver. I reached out to her when I was in search of that secret to life. The secret that gives Jacqueline the glow that radiates in every one of her photos.

BACKGROUND: Millennial FInance & Accounting Dog Mom 

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