I'm Jacqueline Stevens, a Yale Certified Soulful Alignment Coach.
I guide single female executives in navigating their own self-discovery & deep desires so they can attract deeply fulfilling meaningful relationships. I help high-performing boss babes who are ready to stop solely focusing on their career and are ready to start attracting a soulful, juicy, and aligned relationship centered on love, joy and growth.

I was someone who "had it all". I was highly successful in my career, climbing the corporate ladder for some of the sexiest beauty brands on the planet. I had the fancy job title, high-rise living in uptown Oakland and frequent global travel, but I struggled with creating a roadmap (strategy) for my relationships. I struggled in knowing what I really wanted. Through my deep personal work with coaching, cognition, emotion (energy in motion) and spirituality I’ve developed a method that cracks the code for the modern millennial woman to create LOVE, joy, ease, growth and so much more pleasure in her life. More pleasure than any career can provide! 

I'm Jacqueline... aka Jax

Hi gorgeous,
let's make magic

My Dark Night of the Soul started seeding in 2017. I was exhausted from my life of hyper high performance, desire to have & achieve, and my unaligned relationship.
I was diagnosed with burnout, and decided to leave my 15+ year career in the beauty industry in global training & development and my relationship of almost 7 years, all within a matter of weeks.
I had some massive holes in my heart and ego, so much healing to do, and a ton to figure out about my life & future.

​​In my mind & heart, I had 2 major problems to solve:
1. Wtf is next in my life and career?
2. How do I figure out love? How do I find an aligned supportive passionate partnership?

The Dark Night

Before I dove into those massive existential questions, my entire being needed a pause. A reset.

That reset was activated in Bali.
Bali was the experience that opened me up to seeing how life really could be more simple,
more beautiful and have more meaning. Bali was the start of my “Eat Pray Love” spiritual and internal quest to rediscover who TF I was without all of the external achievements, roles and relationships I had defined myself by.

The Balinese Pause

In navigating my new career, I knew the value I wanted to offer was supporting people with deep change. My ideas were to become a therapist or a coach.

My intuition chose coaching because it’s rooted in expansion and opportunity.
Therapy focused more on dysfunction and healing.

Both have incredible value.

The Transformation

For the first time in my life, I started to center and align myself as my biggest priority, not my job, not my performance, not my relationships.
I knew this was the most powerful gift I could bring to the world.

I pursued my own personal & professional development full time.
I gained a variety of coaching & wellness certifications (IPEC & Yale)
Mastered emotional energetics (Master Energy & Reiki Practitioner)
Attended workshops (The Assembly SF, The Coven MPLS, The Den LA)
Hired incredible coaches (Spiritual, Relationship & Business)
Read 90+ books (on Grief, Human Psychology, Masculine & Feminine Biology & Energetics, Dating & Relationships, Neuroscience, Productivity, Sex & Tantra, Spirituality)
Went to therapy (worked on my grief & unresolved traumas)
Traveled (I took 3 solo cross country road trips, listened to tons of books and had endless days of introspection
Became a dedicated yogini (600+ hours & -50lbs),
And healed as I started understanding myself in a whole, healthy & loving way

Through these integrated modalities I was confirming that I was no longer willing to play a passive role in my own life.

Soul Centering

When I started my coaching business, Joy With Jax, I initially supported overwhelmed, ambitious executives, who were struggling with corporate burnout and who were looking for more purpose in their lives (the work I had done deeply already). The work was deep and the work started to expand. 

I wanted to be the star of my own story, I wanted to create a life that I really wanted, I wanted partnership in love, and I wanted to be a change agent.

In my personal life? I was researching, aligning to & seeing aligned love.

I knew what I had experienced before (and what I saw modeled), was not what I wanted in my future.

I became obsessed with understanding and applying the psychological, biological, strategic and energetic tools for relationships, dating and love that I was learning through my studies.
All while proactively applying these skills in my everyday life and in everydate night.
The fun? Dating energetics were like magik!

I was blown away by my growth and elevated experiences in my love life. I was living a 180 compared to my undereducated dating experiences in my 20’s which relied on chemistry, connection and a few pre-qualifier questions.

Through my deep work (and 50+ first dates on Hinge amidst a global pandemic),
I became aware of my relational patterns,
developed a structure to get crystal clear on my wants & needs,
mastered my relationship mindset where I wasn’t ruled by my emotions,
I could see & feel myself moving towards aligned love as I was simultaneously surrendering
and trusting the process & the timing of it all.

It felt incredible to have FINALLY created clarity and to feel worthy, empowered and confident in my ability to be curiously engaged with potential partners.

Expanding into My Desires & Aligning to Love

A couple years into my coaching practice I started to notice a theme.

My female clients would often come to me with the desire to elevate, fix or de-stress their careers.

Yet underneath their career was a much bigger & more primal desire.

Something that had the power to impact, support and fulfill their lives more.

And that... Was partnership in love.

The other theme? Women were scared to admit the gap of love in their life.

Why? because it was less “controllable.”
Gaining skills for a job is easy. But where do women learn relationship skills?

And in this stage of adult life modern women are looking for PARTNERSHIP - not just a piece of paper.

I started to see that just like me, my clients wanted to connect deeply and intimately with incredible Men.

Accepting & Embracing Love

Just like me, my clients wanted to be seen, accepted and loved unconditionally by an equal & complimentary partner.

Just like me, women wanted a teammate, an aligned partnership, a container to grow, have adventures, and space for interdependent evolution, encouragement, and GROWTH.

So I got back to work. I combined my coaching experience, personal experience and my corporate experience in Learning & Development to create a program that supports women to create deeper relationships while also deepening their own self-development. A program that goes BEYOND surface, mediocre exchanges and focuses on your whole soul. 

Creating This Program

One of my favorite teachers, Esther Perel, says it best -
“The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our relationships.”

My desire for you? Is to Expand your Queendom

It’s time women woke up to the reality that our careers are important,

Yet the science is clear that relationships are a much greater source of happiness, joy, safety, and pleasure.

So if you are ready to transform your relationship with yourself, show up authentically & wholeheartedly in your dating life, and be empowered to unlock your full love life potential?

That is what I am on this planet to do.

My desires for you!

I want you to look forward to celebrating your current partnership, your engagement, your sacred union.

I want you to stop wondering “what the f is wrong with me,” reframe your self-doubt & anxiety and start taking forward aligned action.

I would love to support you in shifting your: loneliness, the frustrating hamster wheel of online dating, soulless hookups, swearing off dating completely, non-committal “situationships,” and relationships messes.

I want you to create a commitment that you can serve and it can serve you in return.

This world desperately needs more women to be plugged into their feminine hearts and desires,
to take off their shallow corporate masks and lean into their intimate relationships
and I promise you -
there are so many Men, KINGS, that want, need, and are looking for that empowered version of you too.

Working with Jacqueline is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and has been the best investment of my life.
I’m more excited, empowered & on purpose in my life than I’ve ever been. She’s helped me create a more beautiful life.
I actually think she’s a God damn Jedi.

Christy Burke 
BACKGROUND: Medical Device Sales 

“It felt like working with Jacqueline was this 𝒉𝒖𝒈𝒆 permission slip to 𝒃𝒆 myself.”


"When I started working with Jax, I was amazed and how powerful and insightful she was. 
She helped me explore things about myself and relationships that I had never explored myself. 
I learned more about myself than I had ever imagined. 
I walked away from our sessions feeling lighter, feeling empowered and feeling excited - things that I had not felt about dating in years."


Jacqueline is a breath of fresh air! Working with her has been so good for my soul and spirit. I've recently made some life and job transitions and am currently in the process of launching my own business. Fears, insecurities, doubt about past choices I've made....all of these emotions are rearing their ugly little heads, sometimes making it difficult to keep moving forward. Jacqueline has a gentle way of encouraging me to really pause and think about my thoughts and the way I've interpreted past situations - helping me to differentiate between the stories my mind has created and what the actual, capital "T" Truths are. She asks probing questions in such a compassionate way that I find myself with many "ahas!" throughout our calls and am reminded of the power of staying true to my path. I always end our sessions with a greater sense of peace.  Jacqueline truly understands the mind, body, soul connection and actually walks the talk - she coaches with great integrity, compassion and authenticity. I continue to discover new ways of perceiving things every time we talk, and am so grateful for the supportive coaching and love I've received from her!

Jacqueline hears me in a way I have never experienced - regardless the context of our conversation - I walk away with a sense of peace and empowerment. She is powerful. 

BACKGROUND: LA Entertainment SVP to Entrepreneur 

Jax has helped me numerous times to quickly clarify what is important and how to immediately let go of what is not. Her compassion and generous heart is nature herself. Jax is incredibly Giving with her Guidance and Support. She brings forth joy and laughter in the toughest of life situations. She is constantly helping me to flip my perceptions on a dime so that my life moves with increased ease and acceptance. Jax embodies the true nature of the Goddesses. Everyone in community benefits from her help to live in a higher vibration. I am so grateful every time I get to work with Jacqueline!

Jacqueline is remarkable coach, guide and intuitive

Michelle Brown 
BACKGROUND: Entrepreneur & Artist

During our sessions I had the freedom to take what had been pressured inside of me (work, family, personal) - and make sense of it. I’ve had several coaches before - yet with Jacqueline something allowed me to go deeper to unravel some stories I’ve been carrying for decades. The way she navigated conversations propelled me into clarity and have helped me step back into my life and my work with more spark and passion.  I’m not sure what kind of magic she’s working with - but her ability to get me out of my brain and into my heart has truly inspired me to live more presently and more fully.  If you want to feel seen, heard, understood, supported, and inspired to shift - work with Jacqueline. 

Working with Jacqueline was a joy. As a busy woman who has always prioritized my career, I found myself looking forward to my weekly calls and recognize they were one of my most important hours of the week where I would always walk away with more clarity, ease, and confidence.

BACKGROUND: Global VP / San Fransisco  

I worked with Jacqueline for a transformational 12 sessions. When we started, I had recently quit a dead-end job and made a decision to take time off to get clear on my core values, my purpose, and what I wanted for the next stage of my career. Jacqueline listened skillfully and asked provocative questions that guided me to my own true answers. She was compassionate while also being tough in just the way I needed a coach to be in order to move myself forward toward real meaning in my life and career. After working with Jacqueline, I landed the job of my dreams. In fact I was for the first time I was in a position where I chose between 2 roles and name my value. The deep work I did with her set me up to seek and then land a big win, and it empowered me to step into leadership in a way that is far beyond what I had thought myself to be capable of.  

She also has a great sense of humor and inspiring joie de vivre:-) Hire her.

Working with her was a wonderful experience. Her kind heart, sharp mind and open spirit were exactly what I needed in a coach.

BACKGROUND: Ivy League Educated / Baby Boomer

That shift of frequency when she walks in the room, secret. That was what I was after. That was the type of woman I wanted to be. When I reached out to Jacqueline, I was heartbroken, straight out of a failed relationship, struggling in my career, uneasy in my own skin and sitting in my own shit, feeling sorry for myself. Why me? I wrote Jacqueline from a place of desperation and was willing to do whatever she asked me to do. I won’t lie to you. Weeding through one’s own crap is hard. Doing the steps is hard. Doing the work is hard. But, the woman I am today, is so utterly grateful.  Jacqueline created the space to put my needs first. She gave me the ability to realize that I could also put myself first, which is helping me become the woman I want to be. She gave me life-altering tools and helps me break down situations to respond in a manner that is aligned with my true self. She is my cheerleader, my coach and a huge influence in my life. She believed in me, when I could barely make it through my day. I am forever grateful. 

Jacqueline is a lifesaver. I reached out to her when I was in search of that secret to life. The secret that gives Jacqueline the glow that radiates in every one of her photos.

BACKGROUND: Millennial FInance & Accounting Dog Mom 

highly empathetic,
sprinkling in levity and joy.
My job is to be a student of you.
I call you into the higher version of yourself.
My clients describe sessions with me as peaceful yet powerful. They gain wisdom & clarity with each touchpoint.
I support clients in developing their emotional fitness & resiliency while I advocate for their overall wellness, ease  pleasure in themselves, their lives, love and relationships.

My Coaching Style: 

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