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Kingmaker or Kinglslayer

April 26, 2024

Are you a Kingslayer or a Kingmaker?

In every culture, there are Women who stand out from the crowd.

In the culture of dating and relationship

I call us,

The Kingmakers.

We are the Women that Men remember long past the span of the relationship, because through our relationship with them, we invited them to become wiser, more emotionally fit, and more integrated men.

And the Kings act on our invitation.

Kingmakers influence a Man to step deeper into his Divine Masculine, away from his wounded ways.

This past week, I posted a comment on a popular IG dating account about this idea of “Kingmaker” and it got some serious heat. I knew it would, I was waiting for it, and I also get why.

Women are tired.

We are tired of poorly behaved Men.

We are tired of wounded Men who aren’t disciplined, dedicated or discerning.

We are tired of aimless Men distracted by a pleasure-seeking spiral.

We are tired of not seeing Maturity, Depth, and Divine Masculine.

We are tired that more is always expected of us, and some Men refuse to do the bare minimum.

“Why are women continuing to be made responsible for men’s egos?”

And the truth is, we aren’t.

Men are 100% responsible for their own healing.

Just as we are.

Yet I’d be lying if I said I did all my healing in isolation.

We heal MORE in a relationship!

It’s the purpose of a relationship.

More on Queenmakers in May.

Yet, if we step into our power as Women we can see there is an incredible opportunity.

Women can cultivate and influence the rise of the Divine Masculine.




Check out this energy chart here

The Divine Feminine initiates and invites the Divine Masculine.

These relationships are collaborative.

When we think, “it’s all men’s responsibility,”

we are in the wounded feminine, wanting to be saved.

When we want to be saved,

we are perpetuating our princesshood and his princehood.

Getting saved isn’t a sustainable life strategy.

At some point, Princes, and Princesses have an obligation to GTFU…. Grow the f*ck up.

We must, save ourselves.

The science of Neuroplasticity says that we are all byproducts of living in communities.

Our brains are impacted and changed by our experiences with other people and the world around us.  We all have social brains that are influenced by and through our relationships.

Being a Kingmaker is not just about influencing Men,

it’s about elevating ourselves to a higher standard of being.

It’s about magnetism, attraction, alignment.

It’s about being and leading by example.

And feeling like a goddess queen while doing it.

Through our relationships we have the opportunity

to impact people positively or negatively.

We can’t control how we are received,

but we can control our own intentions.

We can create awareness of ourselves

and better understand our partners.

When it comes to dating, relationship, and commitment –

we have a responsibility to feed our partners well.

After we’ve fed ourselves.

Kingslayers, are self serving.

They look for a man to fulfill a role in their life without advocation, or investment of time or effort.

They objectify his value to them,

without understanding his individualism.

The stomp their feet and run to their rooms when they way isn’t had.  Their wounded behavior perpetuate his wounded behavior.

If you’re ready to rise into your next phase!

If you can’t stop starting at this energy chart.

Let’s talk about how we can repair, reparent, release.

Your relationships determine you quality of life.

Let’s make yours, Secure and JUICY.

Let’s have a conversation on how.