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Experience to UNLOCKING Your Energy 

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This experience is for you if you are… 

Stuck in neutral in life, your patience is wearing thin, and you're READY to Grow & CHANGE

Overloaded, nearing burnout, and tired of operating as a task rabbit in your own life

Frustrated at the pattern of projects or People entering Your Life; Bosses / Partners 

Tired of feeling Exhaustion / Overwhelm / Judgement / Frustration and you want more ease

The Soul Alignment Blueprint is your 1st step to CATALYZE understanding & propel CHANGE

Understanding Your MOST dominant thought patterns keeping you small

Understanding Your Behavioral Patterns in normal AND stressful situations + Tactics on how to “Bridge the Gap”

Insights to consciously create a new playbook for your life, relationships or career.

Structure, support, a proven framework for change
Deeper understand & integration of your Chakra System (+ alignment strategies)

"It is an analytical way to understand emotional energy with graphs and charts.
The ELI assessment transformed how my MIND understands my EMOTIONAL experiences, responses, and reactions to stress. Jax was so incredibly supportive and she helped me understand (without judging) where I was coming from through her direct experience with this work. I felt like she totally understood where I was coming from and what was driving my resistance (clearly even more than I did). I also realized I am doing this work to reach the level of joy she's cultivated within her energy. Jax's style is strong / yet gentle and beautiful joy comes through in each conversation.”

"The Soul Alignment Blueprint is life changing."

-Natalie P. 
Corporate Exec Turned BAKER

What you'll gain

I loved understanding where I was at on the emotional scale and what I want to work towards. The entire process was such a relief. It helped to have an expert walk me through a system that I resonated with and I left with clear action steps of how to integrate the work we did together into my life and career. WOAH. 

Jacqueline is a lived and experienced expert at what she does, she SEES & knows how to draw the best out in people, she's enthusiastic, strategic and will remind you of your profound potential.

What was your takeaway from your SAB?

Taylor Mobley
Baddie Business Owner & Contest Strategist

What you'll gain

How would you describe the value of your experience to a friend?

Soul Alignment Blueprint (E.L.I.™ Assessment + 1 on 1 Call + Customized PDF)


ELI™️ Assessment is recognized by Forbes as the #3 assessment for understanding our gifts and opportunities.

E.LI. Assessment (Taken Online)

Bespoke 26 page Report (Delivered before our call)

This assessment breaks down your most dominant thought patterns and sorts them into Seven Levels of Energy/Consciousness

Your personal results reveal your default behavioral patterns in normal, everyday situations as well as in stressful situations

& gives you ways to consciously create an entirely new playbook for your life, relationships or career.

The Assessment

Soul Discovery Call

90 minute 1 on 1 Video Call

We walk through your assessment results to key into how your emotional/ energetic mind is operating and its inner patterning.

Once we understand where you are, your unique tendencies, triggers, + patterns, we’ll brainstorm where you want to be

Discuss your next steps on re-aligning you to a more joyful & juicy life.

Reiki energy will be turned on during the call (unless otherwise requested)

Discovery Call

This is your 1st step to CATALYZE understanding & propel CHANGE


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