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What is love?

April 5, 2024

What if your lack of relationships success was because you have a faulty definition of love and relationship?

So many driven, freedom seeking women (and men) opt out of seeking relationships simply because they don’t understand what a loving relationship looks and feels like 

or how having a relationship will deeply benefit them.

Women often lose their belief in love,

when they’ve had a collection of bad experiences. 

And most Men

were not modeled unconditional love through their fathers. 

Before starting our work my freedom seeking female clients are STUCK in the emotion of past experiences they labeled as “love”, not realizing “love” was not what they were actually experiencing. 

My male clients? 

Have historically written off love’s important to their personal development, choosing to focus on their “professional development.” Many Men don’t realize how their personal development is the sauce that catapults their professional success. 

Men also place “love” as something to “achieve” when EVERYTHING ELSE in their life is in order. 

These are some examples of how Women and Men stay trapped in UNLOVING. 

Imagine you are dying to try ice cream for the first time.

So you go to an ice cream shop.

You decide on a color and flavor,  

you excitedly order, 

yet when you put the Lovely Lavender in your mouth 

your palette tastes Liver.  


The ice cream man insists it’s Lavender, 

and the problem is your tongue. 

Based on that,

It would make sense why you are avoiding 

Ice Cream and talking shit. 

The ice cream you were wanting, 

is not the ice cream you got.

Heck, it wasn’t even ice cream – it was an imposter.

With all that drama, 

It makes sense that you’d lose faith in ice cream dream!

Here’s the thing

I want you to trust ICE CREAM again. 

Instead of doing away with ice cream forever,

what if you questioned the source. 

This is where my clients are. 

They want to believe in Ice Cream / LOVE. 

My clients crave more than the ordinary.

They crave relationships with depth. 

So I support them to rewire their faulty programming 

and build a skillset that sets them apart in relationship.

If you are STUCK and challenged to move from 

DISTRESS state (co-dependence) and into your 

DREAM state (co-commitment) with love.

I’ve got you. 

Through my coaching method, 

my clients take accountability and tap into their healing. 

They start to reimagine, redefine and align their belief and actions so they can start to create more loving relationships. 

If you are in a DISTRESSED STATE you have likely experienced love as:

🌖a feeling, chemistry

🌗a possession, “I’m yours and you’re mine.”

🌑A drive for approval and validation

🌒“I want/need them” versus “I want what’s best for them”

🌓Lying, hiding, not telling the whole truth to yourself and to them

🌔Continuous criticizing, judging, rejecting, and projecting 

☀️Words and actions unaligned

🌕Sending mixed signals and attempting to control

If you are desiring the DREAM STATE you need to look at love like this:

🌕Love is an action

🌖Love is a decision and a commitment

🌗Love is being honest, and creating set of conscious agreements

🌑Love requires discipline, concentration, patience, and faith

🌒Love requires the overcoming of narcissism

🌓Love is a bridge to self-development as an individual

🌔Love is a commitment to fully revealing yourself

☀️Love is respect, trust, and creating a safe place for both people to share their struggles

Love is not:

❌Fixing or changing a partner

❌Convincing someone to be with you

❌Chasing people who are emotionally unavailable

❌Self Abandonment 

✅Love is a series of CONSCIOUS choices and commitments

If you’re drained and disillusioned by modern dating and relationships,

that makes so much sense. 

The modern system of dating and relationship 

isn’t designed for your success.  

If you’re wallowing in the idea that you’ve missed the 

boat on love,

I want you to know that you’re actively lying to yourself so that you can stay small, stuck, and miserable. So you don’t have to try.

Every moment you entertain those corrupt thoughts – your dreams of having a family and partnership are pushed 

further into the future. 

\Maybe even permanently/ 

If you’re avoiding love, 

you’re avoiding yourself.

Why not lean in?

Trust ice cream again.

To learn?

To Unlearn?

And to Relearn?

Believing in Ice Cream Love takes Faith, 

it take aligned action. 

Not “someday” action, but f*cking today action.  

Love is EASILY available to you.

If you make the choice. 

Book your call.

In our coaching sessions you will powerfully upgrade your corrupt thoughts, beliefs, and actions as you start to gain mastery over your energy & emotion, develop your spiritual fortitude, which allows you to step into your life and relationships with clear intention. 

What happens in our coaching session is you move far beyond where you are now, the loneliness, the stories, the dis-ease, and you move into a deeper connection to self.  

You move towards JOY.

If you muster the courage to fully commit, 

your change is 111% inevitable.

In fact, your commitment what creates the change.