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Holistic ways to Balance Your PHYSICAL Body’s WELLNESS

May 25, 2021

The 1st body that we will undress is your Physical Body.

Physical Body

Physical Body’s Energy: Masculine

What it is: 

You know what it is! It’s your juicy body that consists of flesh, bones, skin, brain, organs, blood, veins, FASCIA, and all the other goods that HOLD your body & being together! 

  • Most folx are generally attuned to their bodies, meaning you “feel” 
    • If you’re full from a meal
    • if you’re in pain
    • your overall health
  • The signs your body gives are usually visible & recognizable 
  • Western medical culture puts massive emphasis on the body and that it should be free from pain or discomfort (popping pills – to quickly minimize symptoms).

What it represents:

Our physical experience in the world, how we move, our physiology, and our ability to heal.

Behaviors when the Physical body is balanced: 

  • We feel open, flexible and vital
  • Our vitamin and mineral elements are considered and cared for
  • We are likely free of pain, excess toxicity, and acidity

How the Underbalanced Physical Body Displays Misalignments: 

  • Rapid Aging, where your body breaks down more easily, and loses collagen & elasticity
  • Adrenal fatigue & organ function can be disrupted, there are issues with absorption and elimination 
  • There’s a feeling of tightness, sluggishness, and stress on our skeletal frame (weighted down)

How the Overbalanced Physical Body Displays Misalignments: 

  • There’s a heightened focus on Physical Performance, BEAUTY, and Obsessive Anti-Aging
  • I’m a believer & an example of how the body can heal itself, yet while in this state there’s an over-reliance on outside factors like WEIGHT LOSS, procedures, surgeries, or injections to bring the body’s radiance and worth back 
  • There’s a tendency to bypass natural elements of nature to QUICKLY absorb what’s fast & immediate 
    • Continual choosing of Botox>Beets
    • The next Skincare Routine
    • The Newest facial gadget 
      • I do believe the crystal ones are totes legit 😉

How to ALIGN & BALANCE the Physical Body: 

  • Slow & Intentional Movement – Walking in Nature
    • Barefoot or bare hand play (Sand, Soil, Water, Dirt)
  • Balanced Repetitive Sequences – Stretching / Tai Chi
  • PAUSE = Meditation & Yoga
  • Massage & Physical Touch
  • Connection 
  • Intimate & Uninhibited Sexual Expression/Connection
  • Exercises where you feel strong and centered (NOT STRESSED)

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