As a coach, I get to be both your guide, support, and your advocate, I openly share my personal stories and experiences when relevant to show you that I'm have done every step and I am in this with you. This work continues to change my life. My background in creating corporate learning and development programs shines bright through my programs as they are professionally structured, designed to bring you outcomes, while also being easy to navigate the deep insights, authentic tone, and loads of levity.


We create your relationship blueprint, aka your vision. You get powerful tools, practices, and action steps that will support you in breakthroughs every week. You'll be blown away by your growth, development, and aligned standards & confidence in just a few months! And the tools that you will keep for a lifetime.


Coaching bridges the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.
With this forward focus, we have primarily present & future conversations.
We touch on the past as it’s relevant, we draw awareness to it and you release it, but we do not hang out there. I am your accelerator, your amplifier, I remind you of where you are going!
I hold the vision (and it’s my honor).


Both are amazing.
Both have a purpose.
The question is - what’s your primary intent? Healing? Or Growth?
Therapy focuses on healing.
Coaching focuses on growth.
Healing also happens as we grow!
Growth is shedding old ways of being.

Many people I coach have experienced therapy as a powerful modality for creating awareness and healing while long term it left them craving more forward momentum.
Many people I have coached said that coaching has supported them with tools for deeper transformation in a quicker time than years of therapy.

Me? I’ve done both. I love both. I respect both.
I recommend a therapist if you’re still emotionally working through big issues like abuse, sexual assault, deep abandonment wounds, etc. Especially if those are holding you back from moving forward.
If you have experienced hardship but are wanting and desiring to move forward, coaching is likely a better fit.

Coaching on the other hand is about results - here are 3 reasons my coaching gives you results:

What’s the difference between coaching versus therapy?

The program is designed to take you through 6 months of transformational change.
There’s no rushing this Work.
In fact, why would you want to?
Understanding your core needs and desires and then choosing a partner is the biggest decision you make in your life.

How long is the Program?

First, we have to connect.

Second, you should use integrative thinking, pulse the decision through your head, your heart, and your gut (intuition).

If there’s alignment between those 3 centers - what is it costing you to not pursue the transformation?

How do I know if you are the right coach for me?

If you want to grow and you're already cyberstalking my FAQs :), you’re ready for a coach Queen.

Am I ready for a coach?

Busyness is a choice.
If you’re too busy to change, grow and try new strategies and ways of being in a relationship, then this program isn’t for you. The work that we do in this program elevates your entire life, that’s something that you can choose to create time for.

There will NEVER be the “perfect time” to find the right relationship. So if you wait for the “perfect time” you’ll be waiting forever.

What if I’m really interested but I’m also “really busy”? 

Most women are taught that we should prioritize everything outside of ourselves and our desires. And maybe you were taught that your desires were wrong/sinful. No one shows us how to create time for ourselves, to invest in ourselves and our growth, our love, our desires. It’s a BIG step to activate SELF LOVE and SELF CARE via time & money investment. It’s big to reach out for help, to make ourselves a deep priority, to spend as much on our development as we would on vacations, friend’s weddings, luxury clothing & beauty services.
The fact: you are worth it.
Connection. Intimacy. Love. Relationships. Are all so fricken worth it.
Relationships are the most important currency in your life.

You don’t have to keep stumbling to figure out your relationship desires anymore.
The guidance, tools, support, and community you need are right here waiting for you to say boldly say YES to yourself. Your fear is valid, but are they stronger than your desire

What if I’m scared to invest?

Define “work”? There’s no magic solution to cure your loneliness. Except building relationships. Relationships are built. I don’t deliver you a man via a stork. If you commit to showing up for yourself and trying on these learnings, practices, and tools, it’s just about impossible that you won’t get significant value, growth, and shifts from this work. The program supports you in leveling up your love life and is also applicable to every area of your life. Before I specialized in relationships I used a more general framework to support clients in their careers, their friendships, their relationships with their families, with money, health & fitness… All relationships start with self.
When you reach out you are in “inquiry” - not enrollment. You’re taking the first step to connect and explore what is possible for you. Don’t you desire to explore your desires?

What if it doesn’t work for me?

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