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When you want MORE? SAVOR

May 26, 2021

Our ability to LEAD at work, to LEARN in life & to LOVE in our homes…

Is not maintained by intense strategy sessions and piling on “more.”

It’s elevated by PAUSING to feel good.

In my Science of Well-being Course at Yale University we learned the SCIENCE of cultivating happiness.

One of the main methods to developing neurological happiness is a technique called savoring.

SAVORING = the act of stepping outside of an experience to review and appreciate it.

Savoring is an invitation to feel good in the NOW and to make the good feeling last longer.

Sounds AMAZING, right?

Here’s a couple ways to savor.
🍉enjoy the present monent
🫐pause for a second
🥕connect on a deeper level
🍒appreciate where you are
🍊send positive energy
🥥carry out an act of kindness

If developing lifelong happiness and feeling good isn’t reason enough,
Savoring is also soothing!

SOOTHING: The act of neutralizing our emotional states, enabling a return to homeostasis.

Again, when we are happy in our bodies and safe in our emotional experiences?

We can LEAD, LEARN and LOVE with incredibly magnetic 🧲 capacity!

The power? 💥
Is in the PAUSE.