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Holistic ways to Balance Your MENTAL Body’s WELLNESS

July 8, 2021

The 2nd body that we will undress is your Mental Body.

Mental Body

Mental Body’s Energy: Masculine

What it is:

It is the Body that RULES most people’s world. Some say it’s the EGO.

Brene Brown says “When we imprison our Hearts to Protect our EGOS. We kill courage. Yes, A liberated heart is more vulnerable, but it’s also more daring.” 

This means we often shut down our EMOTIONAL Body to “Protect” our MENTAL body. 

  • Mental body = Your individual (and absorbed) thoughts, attitudes, judgments, and prejudices
  • How you perceive your self worth AND your value in the world
    • How you perceive other people’s worth 
      • If you think your value is greater than another 

“When we imprison our hearts to protect our egos, we kill courage. Yes, a liberated heart is more vulnerable, but it’s also more daring.” 

Brene Brown

What it represents:

All things intellectual, like how you learn, process, and express yourself. Mindset is one of the most important elements for balancing your bodies – because some many people are stuck there. The ability to cultivate clarity, Creative Vision, and make that Vision into a reality – are all keenly tied to your ability to think.

Behaviors when the Mental body is balanced:

  • Growth Mindset Is Activated
  • Problem Solving is FIRING
  • Clear & Concise Communication
  • Ability to integrate Emotional or Physical with directness & support 
  • Minimal mental waste, nonsense, or hamster wheeling. 
  • Instead, Northern Alignment!

How the Underbalanced Mental Body Displays Misalignments:

  • Brain fog & Confusion
  • Unclear Thoughts / lethargy 
  • Lack of Purpose, 
  • Neuroses – over judgement, doubt.
  • Low Self Esteem, Low Self Worth

Physically, for female identified bodies this can manifest as a lack of a menstrual period and little self-care. 

For male? Lack of desire or ability to sexually connect. Or using sexually as an ESCAPE stress versus a means to emotionally connect.

How the Overbalanced Mental Body Displays Misalignments:

  • Ego-centric & excessively driven
    • (Corporate Executives much ;)) – speaking from experience
  • Extreme? Narcissistic or Sociopathic = having little or no empathy especially when it comes to work or success.
  • Less extreme? Consistently doing too much = inability to say no + sync into pleasure

People often experience physical pain in the form of headaches and jaw aches, even upper shoulder tension.

How to ALIGN & BALANCE to Mental Body:

The person “stuck in their head”? Needs to drop into their body.

But not FORCE the body with regiment & high stress workouts. Start here:

  • Kundalini yoga! 
  • Enjoyable moderate cardio (walking in nature or with a friend)
  • Therapy, Coaching, or Education specializing in Emotional Expression
    • Goal: Cultivating Intuition & Emotional Intelligence 
  • GET IN TOUCH with energy/emotions and spirituality for balance. 

You might need to re-anchor (i.e., do some inner child work) and oftentimes seek support with energetic work from a trusted guide (Coach, Therapist, Energy Practitioner)

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