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Holistic ways to Balance Your EMOTIONAL Body’s WELLNESS

July 8, 2021

The 3rd body that we will undress is your Emotional Body.

Emotional Body

Emotional Body’s Energy: Feminine

What it is:

It’s all your beautiful & chaotic energy and the entire range of your feels (HIGHS and the LOWS)! This body is like the waves, sometimes you feel it. SOmetimes it’s calm background noise.  

  • The nervous system & hormones, 
  • Interpretation of Physical touch
  • Some bodies of work show that your Emotional Body extends beyond the Body
    • Think an emotional “aura” 
  • How our emotional body is doing, is reflected by our tides. (Aka – water)
    • Water intake 
      • Hydration levels
    • Water release 
      • Tears (Emotional Release) 
    • Water absorption 
      • Bloating 
      • Clutching from not letting go
      • Feelings of lack
      • Trying to hold onto or control things too closely

What it represents:

Your emotions are the bridge between the physical and the mental, it is the space where our experience of the world is synthesized and interpreted. 

It represents how we FEEL and RELATE to anything. 

Think: reactions, interpretations, responses to OUTSIDE energies. 

Think: How do I feel when people look or perceive you in a certain way. 

This connection between the mental-emotional body is the reason why there are always different sides to any story or situation

If the 4 bodies are unbalanced? 

Those situations can be greatly misread and/or misunderstood. 

When balanced, it represents centering and acting from an aligned heart space.

Behaviors when the Emotional Body is balanced: 

We are

  • Empathetic & Inclusive
  • Open & Honest 
  • Non-judgmental toward SELF & others
  • Generous with help without EXPECTATIONS in return

Physically We

  • Become more balanced with Cortisol, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, 
  • Blood Sugars are more regulated
  • Steadying heart rate & Better Balanced Blood Pressure.

How the Underbalanced Emotional Body Displays Misalignments: 

  • Overall lack of emotional intelligence (also a result of narcissism) 
  • Inability to trust or the tendency to overtrust 
  • Minimal ability to authentically read and relate to people
  • Little concern for the self and minimal empathy or curiosity into other people’s experience 
  • Mentally Results = self-doubt, projection, and thinking others have a better life, 
    • causing sleep loss and increases the physical symptoms of imbalance. 

Ultimately, use BREATH to calm heart beat, and positive self talk to center (REPEAT: In this moment, I am safe.)

How the Overbalanced Emotional Body Displays Misalignments: 

  • Passive then OVERLY aggressive
  • Obsessive, irrational, depressed, overly anxious
  • often overwhelming hopelessness of relationships or situations
  • It basically feels like shit

How to ALIGN & BALANCE the Emotional Body: 

  • Finding PLEASURE filled ways to release the emotion, tension, stress
  • This could look like: 
    • Dance
    • Surrounding yourself with LAUGHTER
    • Meditations + Breathwork
    • YOGA (Yin & Hatha)
  • (SELF) Forgiveness is crucial

Ultimately, the emotional body comes into greater balance when we learn how important it is to balance your hormones. 

Learning the value of emotional intelligence and mental intelligence is central to empathic and adrenal wellness.

My specialty, gift, and magik? 

Is integration. 

I help people make sense of all. their. bodies.
How to understand & make sense of their emotional and spiritual worlds.

I not only teach YOU to have the knowledge yourself. 

But I teach you to do “the work” for yourself.

Once you can understand, you can integrate. 

Marrying your “Being” & ”Desiring” with the ”Thinking” & “Doing.”

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