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5 Signs You’re Ready for a Coach

September 7, 2021

What inspires people to find and work with a life coach?

Growth? Yes! of course.

But before the clients can identity how they want to grow, they must gain the clarity that where they are? Is NOT where they want to be.

Before the client partners with a coach, they’re generally suffering from some life “pains”, relational circumstances, pattern… that they are tired of experiencing.

The below are the TOP “pains” that I see consistently with on boarding and interviewing my clients.

They are feeling:

  1. Lost. And facing a Major Transition.
  2. Overwhelmed with Self Doubt & Fear
  3. Tired of their Patterns and Craving Change (Energetically, Emotionally, Mentally & SPIRITUALLY)
  4. “Happy” but they DESIRE More or Different
  5. Like they’re Lacking a Clear Plan

Let’s break down each “pain point” a little more.

  1. You’re feeling Lost. And facing a Major Transition. 

Welcome to life. 

A place where you can be easily weighed down by navigating Personal Transitions. 

Why? Most of your parents didn’t navigate the same transitions as you are. 

And previous generations weren’t worried about ‘being their Authentic Selves’ or ‘Living a Life On Purpose.’

These are NEWER issues. 

So who’s going to teach you how to navigate your soulful self expression? 

A Coach! 

Life transitions always stem back to how you RELATE to something else. 

How you relate to Yourself, 

How you relate to Your Career, 

How you relate to Your Relationships,

How you relate to Your Friendships,

How you relate to Your Family. 

The right Coach?

Helps you to see and understand you. 

Helps you identify what you really, really want, AND what you don’t. 

Helps you make GOALS for yourself + an actionable plan. 

Helps you pull back your feelings so you can focus on PROGRESS. 

Progress = Growth = Joy

  1. You’re Overwhelmed with Self Doubt & Fear 

Fear, self-doubt are the emotions that turn into action (or inaction)  that hold us back. 

They stop us from acting in alignment and they burn through cognitive energy. 

The 1st step is recognizing that these emotions are powerful.

They are the Archetypes of: The Victim & The Fighter.

The next level step? 

Is calling in and on an active partner who can help you:

  • identify your patterns,
  • name your fears, 
  • understand & work with your responses, 
  • Then take aligned action towards the highest version of YOU.

I would guess that anytime you went from one level to the next? 

It’s because you had a mentor, a teacher or a coach who showed and taught you the way. 

You had someone WHOSE JOB was to invest in YOU.

Their investment in YOU helped you with acquiring knowledge, application of that knowledge, learning new skills, and accountability

Welcome to the magical of Coaching. 

You invest your energy (time & money) in someone who is invested in YOU and supporting you in creating your outcomes. 

A powerful Coach helps you sift through your old beliefs, values and actions – and create a new blueprint for your life.

  1. You’re tired of your Patterns and Craving Change (Energetically, Emotionally, Mentally & SPIRITUALLY) 

Many people sabotage their own success – and most times? They don’t even know it. And then there’s some who do know, but they aren’t sure how to bridge the gap between WHO THEY ARE and WHO THEY WANT TO BE

A powerful Coach will see your struggle, help you own it, support and teach you to make more aligned decisions and cut out self-destructive habits. 

This Coach? May even encourage you every step of the way.

If you’re ready to identify and break out of old patterns, a great life coach can help you overcome setbacks and achieve new growth with your SELF Development, withing your relationships and withing your career. 

The reality is – when you invest in yourself – you raise the bar for the rest of your life. 

The problems you face are just problems. 

The true test? 

How you navigate through those problems.

And the TIME that it takes you to navigate them.

That time? Is what shifts dreams into reality.

Coaches are for highly functional people who overall want to FUNCTION BETTER

  1. You’re “Happy” but you DESIRE More or Different 

This one is what I hear SO OFTEN. 

“I’m happy but I’m not really happy.” 

Underneath of that – is guilt. 

People have a good job, make a good living, but their hearts and souls are yearning for more. And then the mind kicks in to say – “Why are you being so greedy? You have so much more than (this person), (this group), (I even dreamed of).”

A Powerful Life Coach – helps you understand that DESIRE isn’t evil, it’s actually the foundation of living a successful and purpose driven life. 

Humans are hardwired to connect and to have desires!

Owning and making sense of how to integrate your desires into your life in the SHORT and LONG term is what take’s a person’s life from GOOD to GREAT. 

From “happiness” to JOYFUL. 

From living to living with impact and purpose. 

  1. You have a Vision but are Lacking a Clear Plan 

Maybe you have a goal. Maybe you’ve had it for a while… Great! 

Maybe you’ve recognized that you need more than a goal to achieve that dream. 

A Powerful Coach will help you clarify your goals and support you in breaking down what it will take to make them your reality. 

Through comprehensive goal-setting and examining your current operations, a life Coach will help you hone in on what you truly want, cut down on efforts that aren’t helping your objective, and help you focus on creating actionable steps to get there.

Are you looking to create a more clear vision?

To take your life from GOOD, to GREAT?

Check out this week’s blog for more reasons why it might be time for YOU to have a Coach in your Corner! 

Or if you’re ready to CHAT – Send me a message! 

Call to action!

How many of these line items are true for you?




Maybe ALL?

Amazing. Congratulations. 

You’ve identified that you want MORE from your life.

Doesn’t it feel good knowing that? 

If you’re ready to call in and ask for more clarity to achieve your desires, 

And SPECIFICALLY in the areas of your Relationships in LOVE & CAREER & Self Development? 

Fill out this application to have a call with me. (LINK HERE)

If I’m the right coach for you – I would love to support you in gaining more clarity around your vision while also helping you create aligned action.  

Let me in your corner.