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Are you Worrying, about Worrying?

April 19, 2021

Do you ever recognize yourself worrying? 

About worrying?

Afraid of feeling… Anything – especially afraid?

I have been watching my worry DAILY for 2 years.

Taming her ferocious fury. 

I’ve been dedicated to her. 

Knowing her. Understanding her. 

So that I could boldly and bravely move beyond her,

I’ve had a lot of success… yet it’s a daily effort.

So one of my earned gifts, is supporting people in seeing and moving through their worry. 

With that, I’ve also been witnessing the collective worry. 

☽ The Fight for Social Justice

☽ Health & Welfare amidst the Global Pandemic 

☽ The Uncertainty of Time & the Future – SAFETY

Oftentimes, when we experience a perceived lack of control, it can trigger anxiety. Consciously and unconsciously. 

Anxiety breeds an incessant need to CONTROL! 

And when we get anxious about that feeling it becomes even worse. A chaotic spiral. 

Here’s the thing about fear. 

It likes to lurk. 

To creep in the shadows. 

It’s begging to go unnoticed. Because then, it GROWS.

And fear is DYING to keep you small. And “Safe”. 


I want you to flourish. 

To grow.

I want you to embody and come home to the WHOLE you!


The work I do with my clients is all about recognizing and understand their nasty little (& big) fears. We reparent the inner child so that they doesn’t have to feel so much uncomfortable fear and anxiety when these unavoidable triggers come up.

Is this relatable?

Or ready to learn more about what re-parenting can look like,

Consider / ask yourself:

  • Do you ever have a big fear that comes up but it does not quite match the situation?
  • When fear overcomes you, is it hard to calm down and break free from it?
  • Did you grow up in a house full of chaos where you didn’t feel safe?
  • Did you or do you ever just want to hide and be invisible?

If you’re looking to better understand your energy, your inner child, and desire to know my #1 tool for reparenting you inner child?

Let’s do some Soul Aligning for you.

You personal Blueprint is available here

I’d love to support you. 

Much love, light, and accountability & growth –