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Why Ghost?

August 3, 2022

Let’s talk about ghosting.
It happens in interviewing. 
And it happens in dating. 

IMO – Ghosting is trash behavior. 

More eloquently, the people or companies that continue with these practices are cowardly and are not operating from a place of integrity.  

Ghosting is what happens when someone cuts off all communication with someone else without an explanation. 

Maybe they’ve had 3-4 interviews or dates. 

Then poof!

The phenomenon is so common on social media and dating apps that there was a recent study involving college students that found that (no surprise) ghosting negatively affects mental health in more than one way.

In the short term, many of those who are ghosted feel overwhelming rejection, confusion, and low self-worth. 

Part of the problem is not knowing why communication abruptly stops. 

Ghosting affects our self-worth. 
How we see ourselves. 
And Ghosting itself is LAZY.

What are the main reasons people ghost? (I wish there was more data on why companies ghost)
🔴 They lack the necessary communication skills
🔴 They fear stirring up their own emotional feelings
🔴 They fear hurting another’s feelings
🔴 They had no idea what they really wanted

So how do stop it?
We can’t control if we are victims of this, but we can control how we operate and we can ensure ghosting is not the type of behavior that we engage in.

Here are my top tips for creating your own ANTI GHOSTING culture in your relationships:
🟢 Know & affirm your worth!
🟢 Get clear on your values and expectations! 
🟢 Set boundaries & Learn how to have better & harder conversations!
🟢 Close the door on what you’re no longer interested in. 

If you are wanting to create a new paradigm for your life and relationships, reach out!

I’d love to connect with you.