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More on Ghosting

August 3, 2022

There are people who will ghost you and never come back.

And then, there are people who will ghost you, and then come back as if nothing happened, 
making you feel you were the only option left.

Here’s the part that sucks, people still choose to go back to these unavailable individuals!

If this sounds familiar, maybe you’re thinking:
👀That’s me, but I don’t want it to be. 
👀 How do I stop attracting these people? 
🫠And find someone I can create a lasting relationship with.

1️⃣First, we have to take ownership of our own experience. 
2️⃣Second, we apply compassion as we review the below Alignment Items.  

  • Understand that you have subconscious programming that has been created from your childhood. Within that programming are experiences of emotional manipulation, avoidance, abandonment & unavailability. These programs became familiar and we keep attracting people who will fuel our dysregulated nervous system.
  • Reparent your inner child: the part of you who still seeks reconciliation from the people who have hurt them in their past, and keep falling for the ones in the present who have the same energetic signatures.
  • Start acknowledging the unprocessed emotions from your past. Your subconscious programming is fuelled by shadow emotions: sadness, guilt, shame, apathy, despair, and anger. 
  • Start regulating your own nervous system to foster change in your vibrations, so that safety becomes sexy and emotionally & physically unavailable vibes become repelling.

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