I specialize in supporting

  high-achievers, freedom-seekers, and ambitious people


crave more

than a fancy job title, lackluster relationships, & status quo life that leaves them thinking

"is this really it?! at the end of another full day.

I'm So ready!

This experience is for YOU if you are finding yourself: 

Tired of "being a boss" at home & at the office

Ending your days feeling exhausted, unexpressed & stifled 

Stuck in your role as a charismatic & driven HIGH Achiever displaying "external" success in most areas of life 

You’re left winded from your endless cycles of

Here's what I've come to learn to be true for me, for you, + for all of us: 

An more ALIGNED & SOULFUL LIFE is always available.
And we must to CHOOSE to create it.

I was unhappy with my body, my job, my relationship, and ultimately... myself. (read my story here...)

What I have seen and witnessed in my story and with the Men & Women I support: 
As soon you start making soul-aligned choices that create more true JOY,
things drastically shift.

You don't have to suffer through one more soul sucking day, either.

My desire for you, myself, + ALL people (aka what you'll learn through this coaching experience is to feel confident + capable in our ability to:

Know WTF you REALLY want, so you can live a deeply fulfilled, purposeful, soul-on-fire life

Prioritize your joy, pleasure, + play everyday, as a pathway to remember your innate value + power

Preserve + protect your precious energy, so that you can intentionally direct it toward the things that matter most to you

Consciously choose & actively cultivate the peace, joy, + presence you're yearning to feel 

If you're sick of feeling like:

You’re stuck in the monotony of productivity, you’re desiring transformation, and you want to ADD more VALUE in your work & relationships

You're being taken advantage of + under-valued by the people in your life

Life should be more simple. Fulfilling. JOYFUL than this!

I've got you, love. 
I see you. I feel you. I've been there.

Develop the strength of your intuitive inner guidance system, so you'll trust yourself every step of the way, no matter what life throws your way

Overdoing & Committing -  Taking on too much
Continually PLEASING others
Over Consuming “Social Currencies”

Over Experiencing

Clothes, Grooming Products, Bougie Food

Travel, Retreats, Social Events, Health & Wellness

I empower ambitious + high achieving Women & Men in dismantling their “shoulds” so they can reclaim who they ARE to live more SOULFULLY aligned lives full of JOY. 

This Holistic coaching program integrates Self, Soul, and Purpose for an awakening / transformative / empowering experience.

Together we’ll dig deep into who you are and continually assess - “Does this Behavior Align with the person you want to become and the life you want to design?”

If you are ready to step into the next 6 months together to create absolute magik in your life, I am honored to lead / support / guide you through the process.


There is another way to live + lead + love in your life, and it looks like this: JOY

Step 1: Powerful Pause


Step 2 →

You’ve asked for help! Now brace yourself for GROWTH, CHANGE, & even some HEALING.  
Goal? To Holistically check in on Your Mind, Body, Emotions, Spirit 
We Identify what’s out of alignment & Your biggest struggles in Your personal & professional lives

Step 2: Creating Your Vision 


STEP 3 →

You’re here to Create something radical and NEW within Your life
Goal? To develop your Short Term & Long Term Vision + Your Action Plan
We start with the seeds and tools, then You you start to plant & tend garden (get ready, you'll also be pulling some weeds)

Step 3: Self Assessment


Step 4 →

You’re here to deepen Your SELF understanding, You’ll complete my TOP assessments to awaken your SELF KNOWING 
Goal? To Holistically understanding Your gifts & Your kryptonite(s). 
These tools will support You in Your Unique Self Understanding. + Gain Clarity on WHY Your energy was out of alignment and jumpstarting You into FLOW  

Step 4: Cultivate Wholeness


Step 5 →

You’re here to uplevel how You think, You feel, You communicate, You love, and You lead
Goal? To make Your confidence unshakeable and Your Intuition strong enabling You to authentically express Yourself in the boardroom, the bedroom, and any other room you choose to energize  
We work on defining Your Spiritual practice, mindset, and energy to support Your Whole Being

Step 5: Soft Skill Integration 


Step 6 →

You’re here to INTEGRATE fresh skills into your life to create Your new way of Being
Goal? A more Empowered & Aligned You
Once you Your solid in Your worth we elevate your Communication Skills and Energetic Boundaries - making you a magnet to MAGIK. 

Step 6: Aligned Action 


Step 1 →

You’re here because You want ACTION that creates DEEP transformational change NOW and the FUTURE
Goal? To teach You to be YOU. Authentically Empowered & Deeply Connected to creating a life You truly desire. With the tools to navigate unlimited amendments.  
Once You establish Your WHY, Your “How”? Becomes easy & effortless. 

Program Details

Program Details

The 6 Step Soul-Alignment Coaching Experience

Program Details

My coaching methodology is a blend of science + “woo woo” (check out my method here). 
Every client's journey is unique, and what we cover is truly limitless. Here are some of the core themes of my work:

This program will

up-level your entire life.

Integrating, balancing, + aligning your thoughts, feelings, + actions

Cultivating balance, peace, + centering

Learning how to recognize & shift negative self-talk into self-acceptance & self empowerment

Applying practices, tools, + techniques to better understand yourself + function optimally

WARNING: Empowered, sustainable changes will occur!

Let's do this!

My methodology is a great fit for you if you're willing to be brave, dig deep, stay honest, and embark on the inner exploration to understanding who you are and who you want to become. The result? Sustainable, long-lasting transformation that feels soulful, joyful, + juicy.

Ready for laughter, release, + unbridled joy?

Jacqueline is a breath of fresh air! Working with her has been so good for my soul and spirit. I've recently made some life and job transitions and am currently in the process of launching my own business. Fears, insecurities, doubt about past choices I've made....all of these emotions are rearing their ugly little heads, sometimes making it difficult to keep moving forward. Jacqueline has a gentle way of encouraging me to really pause and think about my thoughts and the way I've interpreted past situations - helping me to differentiate between the stories my mind has created and what the actual, capital "T" Truths are. She asks probing questions in such a compassionate way that I find myself with many "ahas!" throughout our calls and am reminded of the power of staying true to my path. I always end our sessions with a greater sense of peace.  Jacqueline truly understands the mind, body, soul connection and actually walks the talk - she coaches with great integrity, compassion and authenticity. I continue to discover new ways of perceiving things every time we talk, and am so grateful for the supportive coaching and love I've received from her!

Jacqueline hears me in a way I have never experienced - regardless the context of our conversation - I walk away with a sense of peace and empowerment. She is powerful. 

BACKGROUND: LA Entertainment SVP to Entrepreneur 

During our sessions I had the freedom to take what had been pressured inside of me (work, family, personal) - and make sense of it. I’ve had several coaches before - yet with Jacqueline something allowed me to go deeper to unravel some stories I’ve been carrying for decades. The way she navigated conversations propelled me into clarity and have helped me step back into my life and my work with more spark and passion.  I’m not sure what kind of magic she’s working with - but her ability to get me out of my brain and into my heart has truly inspired me to live more presently and more fully.  If you want to feel seen, heard, understood, supported, and inspired to shift - work with Jacqueline. 

Working with Jacqueline was a joy. As a busy woman who has always prioritized my career, I found myself looking forward to my weekly calls and recognize they were one of my most important hours of the week where I would always walk away with more clarity, ease, and confidence.

BACKGROUND: Global VP / San Fransisco  

I worked with Jacqueline for a transformational 12 sessions. When we started, I had recently quit a dead-end job and made a decision to take time off to get clear on my core values, my purpose, and what I wanted for the next stage of my career. Jacqueline listened skillfully and asked provocative questions that guided me to my own true answers. She was compassionate while also being tough in just the way I needed a coach to be in order to move myself forward toward real meaning in my life and career. After working with Jacqueline, I landed the job of my dreams. In fact I was for the first time I was in a position where I chose between 2 roles and name my value. The deep work I did with her set me up to seek and then land a big win, and it empowered me to step into leadership in a way that is far beyond what I had thought myself to be capable of.  

She also has a great sense of humor and inspiring joie de vivre:-) Hire her.

Working with her was a wonderful experience. Her kind heart, sharp mind and open spirit were exactly what I needed in a coach.

BACKGROUND: Ivy League Educated / Baby Boomer

That shift of frequency when she walks in the room, secret. That was what I was after. That was the type of woman I wanted to be. When I reached out to Jacqueline, I was heartbroken, straight out of a failed relationship, struggling in my career, uneasy in my own skin and sitting in my own shit, feeling sorry for myself. Why me? I wrote Jacqueline from a place of desperation and was willing to do whatever she asked me to do. I won’t lie to you. Weeding through one’s own crap is hard. Doing the steps is hard. Doing the work is hard. But, the woman I am today, is so utterly grateful.  Jacqueline created the space to put my needs first. She gave me the ability to realize that I could also put myself first, which is helping me become the woman I want to be. She gave me life-altering tools and helps me break down situations to respond in a manner that is aligned with my true self. She is my cheerleader, my coach and a huge influence in my life. She believed in me, when I could barely make it through my day. I am forever grateful. 

Jacqueline is a lifesaver. I reached out to her when I was in search of that secret to life. The secret that gives Jacqueline the glow that radiates in every one of her photos.

BACKGROUND: Millennial FInance & Accounting Dog Mom 

If you’re ready for Transformational Growth, Bespoke Development, and JOY? 

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